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Capsule Technologies introduces affordable, efficient and environmentally friendly AMALGAM SEPARATION SYSTEM for the Dental Industry.

Communities across the world are currently seeking ways to reduce the high levels of Mercury present in their water. Mercury, one of the heaviest of chemical elements, is totally insoluble in water, causing the chemical to form droplets and contaminate our lakes, streams and oceans. Its components are highly poisonous and a serious pollutant, threatening the lives of both humans and animals.

Dental Amalgam is an alloy containing virtually 50% Mercury and is used for a variety of dental applications.

The system’s effectiveness comes not only from its design, but also from its installation point...at the source…in close proximity to the Dental Chair, thus preventing potentially toxic contaminants from entering the environment. The position of the separator in the dental system also yields the benefit of protecting the dental vacuum system from nearly 100% of all impeller-damaging debris; your vacuum system will last longer.

The Amalgam Separation System is a low cost alternative to high priced, unreliable amalgam separators. The technology is simple and extremely effective, separating particulate down to a specific micron size. This micron size has been determined by the size of the particulate produced by the burs dentists use to remove the amalgam material.