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Capsule Technologies has developed a system that separates hydrocarbons and synthetic lubricants for a variety of applications including compressor condensate.

Maximum flow rate: 3 GPH with a holding capacity of 24 ounces of lubricant for the 20" filter and a 36 ounce capacity of lubricant for the 30” filter. No cleaning or maintenance required. Just replace the filter when spent. Factory and field tests show discharge from the oil/water separation system to have less than 10ppm lubricant/coolant.

Our oil/water separation system features a patented technology that will not attract or absorb water and is extremely effective in trapping the lubricant and coolant carryover. The system will effectively remove lubricants and coolants manufactured from base stock such as:

• PAO’s

• Polyalkel-eneglycols (PGA’s)

• Silicone

• Super refined petroleum

• Diesters

• Petroleum

• Esters


Some products utilizing these base stocks appear commercially as Sullair Corporation’s Sullube 32 and 24KT Fluid, Ingersoll-Rand’s Ultra Coolant, Gardner Denver’s Aeon Fluids, Quincy’s QuinSyn, Atlas Copco’s GA, FG, 4K, 8K, and Roto Fluids and many more.